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21 November 2012 @ 08:09 pm

Title: Taking Chances

Author: aderu-chan

Fandom: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Pairing: slight Hijikata Toshizou x Okita Souji

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, nor their historical counterparts. ^_^

Summary: In which lessons of propriety, decency, and modesty are not Souji’s strong points. 

(“What were you thinking, kissing that water maid in the courtyard in front of your platoon?!”)

A/N: Good day! First entry to the community. Comments are well appreciated. Please enjoy!

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31 October 2012 @ 08:32 pm
A/N: So, here we are, Halloween eve at last :) I tried to write something scary but with a sweet ending and I hope it's a success, because I worked on it for like only two hours yesterday and this morning. And somehow whenever I write these two, it doesn't turned out quiote right, but not so bad either, if you know what I mean... so apologies for OCCsness I guess :)
Well, anyway the setting is "reincarnation" based on a prompt from the other day which I used for my "Bonds" fic, if anyone remembers, and the hopefully scary bits and pieces I put together from experience from playing "Corpse Party" game for PSP... *shudders*
And I also took liberty with depiction of Oni and their abilities and lifespan... for lack of more detailed information :)
Pairing: Harada/Shiranui
Rating: PG 13 (only a slight shonen-ai)
Disclaimer: Don't own Hakuoki or any of its characters... shame, really ;)
Summary: Harada Sanosuke, now living the life of a bounty hunter Sakamoto Hiromu uncovers more than he could have hoped for in his search for truth behind the gruesome deaths of his friend and many innocent people...

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31 October 2012 @ 06:31 pm
Happy Halloween!!! ^____^

Name: Shinsengumi Family
Author: manaika
Fandom: Hakuoki
Word count: 4277 + 3919 (it could be actually considered my „less than 5000 words per part“ challenge)
Rating: PG-15?
Warnings: Uh...gender swap, I suppose? Cursing and questionable education methods? AU
Notes: You know like in Prince of Tennis there were these Chibi episodes with the Seishun family? Where every member of the team was switched to a tag of the family? Well, it’s generally the same idea here, just without the chibifieing. There’s a Shinsengumi family, there’s an Oni family and there are troubles and humor, I guess? Ah hell, I don’t know either what hit me. Actually, I was planning to write a one-shot for halloween (a spin-off from Price of your Heart, the one where Shinkawa-chan walks in on them, actually) when this popped into my mind and didn’t let go. This is what inspired me and this is what I imagine their relationship is like. Just...just tell me what you think.
Summary: Episode 1 – Just a random Saturday in the Shinsengumi family. Episode 2 – Halloween special

Disclaimer: Doth not own. Doth not make money using thus. Doth own the idea. Doth own the swap. Doth want to die.

23 October 2012 @ 10:55 am

Hey everybody :)

So I got my hands on a PSP and a copy of Hakuoki, and it was AMAZING *_* Just finished my first, spontaneous playthrough and... well, ended up with Heisuke of all people, for some reason! XD 
No idea how that happened but it wasn't bad at all! :) ...
Sano, you're next! XD

And playing just threw me back into Hakuoki mode somehow, so I thought, hey, this place's been dead for a while, it needs a little something! So I thought some of you might join me in resurrecting the shinsenlove community :)

Plus with Halloween coming, it's a perfect opportunity, no? 

So, how about you take your favourite pairing, whichever it may be, AU or not, it doesn't really matter, and write a short fanfic, make a fanart or post  what you have found somewhere on the internet, whatever shakes your boat? 
Not much time left to the 31st, true, but please feel free to contribute and on the eve of Halloween, we celebrate... with the Shinsengumi!

And the topic is ofc - HALLOWEEN!
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29 August 2012 @ 10:26 pm
Hi guys!

I know, I'm probably going to annoy you with this, but...
To be true, it all started yestarday, when I was watching and downloading the new episode of Reimeiroku. Well, not as much yeterday as today, when I decided to rewatch it and make some screenshots.

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Title: Through the Worlds to You
Pairing: Chikage/Chizuru/Saito
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Drama
Status: On-progress
Summary: A young girl comes to Kyoto to study History. She lives in her sensei's friend's house, but starts to feel some strange feelings towards the owner's son--a young and handsome man with deep azure eyes. A Saito/Chizuru/Chikage fic...
Warnings: Character's death in the first chapter.
Disclamer: We do not own Hakuouki and its characters. We do not own the fan-art.

Chapter 10 has been updated!

No.: 17
Name: PRICE III – At the beginning of spring
Author: manaika
Series: Hakuoki
Pairing: Shinpachi/Sanosuke
Rating: 15+, I’d say.
Warnings: comatose states, angst, Shiranui, but generally, I think this qualifies as somewhat of fluff?
Summary: Made for 30kisses, list Nu/acquisition. Shinpachi and Sanosuke deal with their love, their lives and with the changing times. 17:How can you regain something you lost?
Disclaimer: I do not own Hakuoki, or any of it’s characters. The creators do. My muse owns the idea of the fic, myself the work and the time I put into writing it. Credit me at least those, ok?

Author’s notes

Yay for PRICE III! I suddenly felt the urge to write this chapter and so I did. I rather like how it turned out. Might be the best chapter so far, but you tell me that. *hint* ^_~

Sano wakes up from the coma and struggles to regain what he and Shinpachi had.
Previous parts are HERE

PRICE III: At the beginning of spring
07 June 2012 @ 10:07 pm
Hakuouki Icons: 164
Hijikata - 36, Souji - 58, Saitou - 63, Hijikata/Saitou - 2, Souji/Saitou - 5


Icons behind the cut! )
30 May 2012 @ 09:38 pm
Hakuouki Icons: 91
Chizuru - 8, Yamazaki - 2, Ryuunosuke - 5, Chikage - 12, Shinpachi - 10, Sanosuke - 19, Heisuke - 33, Shinpachi/Sanosuke/Heisuke - 2


Icons behind the cut!  )
No.: 03
Name: Embracing life
Author: manaika
Series: Hakuoki
Pairing: Shinpachi/Sanosuke
Rating: 14/15 of age for the themes, but no graphic scenes appear
Warnings: It starrs Shiranui, so it should be obvious. Blood, drinking blood, killing, themes of life and death...(It sounds like a massacre, but it’s not, I swear)
Summary: Made for 30kisses, list Nu/acquisition. Shinpachi and Sanosuke deal with their love, their lives and with the changing times. 03: Shiranui comes to remind Sanosuke of their deal. And with so many reasons to leave, you just do what you have to do.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hakuoki, or any of it’s characters. The creators do. My muse owns the idea of the fic, myself the work and the time I put into writing it. Credit me at least those, ok?

Author’s notes

No, I actually don’t have the time to write this. Yes, I should be working on something else, namely my thesis. I really love this challenge, don’t I?

Set during the early Meiji Restoration, during Shinpachi’s time under the protection of Matsumae in Edo. The historical facts as they appear in the fic are checked and in a large quantity taken from this site.
Also, this fic points back to several previous chapters of the challenge, namely „Meet me there“, „Rear guard“ and „Wearing the attire“. Most of the early Meiji chapters will do that, so if you haven’t read the Hekketsu-roku chapters, or have forgotten the details, at least scroll over them again. It gives a nice whole, when you do, however, it is not recquired in order to understand the chapter. There will be one more Hekketsu-roku chapter, but I haven’t started writing it yet and since my time is limited now, I decided to work on those chapters I have at least written a line in. Once I have the time I’ll write it, prioriticised.

All of the previously mentioned chapters, along with the rest of the challenge, can be found HERE

Embracing life