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Shinsengumi Love

A Hakuouki Fanworks and Discussion Community

Shinsegumi Love: A Hakuouki Fanworks Community
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This community serves as a clearinghouse for Hakuouki fanfic, fanart, and contributions of all kinds
Welcome to Shinsengumi Love!

As a community, we're here to celebrate the Hakuouki otome game and anime. So if you want to contribute fanart, fanfic, doujinshi - or if you just want to have fun, active discussions about individual characters or pairings - then this is the place for you!

We welcome all pairings from yaoi to yuri to het, as well as non-pairing related fanart, fanfic, discussion, and doujinshi.

Before you begin posting to the community, please take a look at the following rules. We want to make this a pleasant place where everyone can contribute!

Rules and Guidelines

1.Please label your work appropriately and place your work under a cut.

Fanfiction posts should include the following, as well as a link to the fic (if it's on your journal) or the fic itself under a cut:


Fanart posts should also include the following:


Worked rated M or NC-17 that is not appropriately labeled and rated, or not placed under a cut, will be subject to deletion. Additionally, please do not post fanfic or fanart that is not yours without proper attribution.

2. Please make use of the tags. This will help people locate topics or information on certain characters more readily.

3. No flaming or personal attacks. Constructive criticism and active debate are fine; nastiness is not. Personal attacks or flames will get you banned quickly.

4. No character bashing.. We all have favorites, and it's kind of discouraging to see your favorites get annihilated. So let's all play nice and be positive, okay? You're welcome to discuss broader issues - like the role of stereotypes in otome games or Chizuru's role in the series - but just stay away from bashing in particular.

5. Posts must be related in some way to Hakuouki or, more generally, to the shinsengumi and the time period of the game. If you want to discuss the historical shinsengumi, you're welcome to do that. Same goes for Edo-period Japan, or otome games in general, and the like. Just make sure your posts are topical for the community!

If you have any questions, come see the mods. And most of all, enjoy yourself!

For Hakuouki news, updates, and general information, go see hakuoki, our affiliate comm!