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04 August 2011 @ 02:14 pm
drabble meme fill, prompt 11  
Title: Dust on the grave
Author: manaika
Word count: 777 (again not as drabble-y)
Rating: PG-13/K+ I guess
Warnings: shounen-ai, angst, death issues, comfort, mentions of love, fluff?
Prompt: Sanosuke x Shiranui, following the events of episode 18 / no Chizuru

Summary: On the grave of a friend, Shiranui is reminscing, regretting and loving. Made for lj’s shinsenlove drabble meme, prompt 11.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hakuoki. This was written sorely for the purpose to please someone’s fantasy (not to make money). Meaning that if I did own Hakuoki, such requests probably wouldn’t be necessary. However I do own the...work?

Following the events of episode 18, of course it would have to be this! ^^
I don’t know if it turned out the way it should have, but I kinda like it.

Dust on the grave

Shiranui kneeled in front of the grave, memories still fresh in his mind. Memories of fight, blood and dieing engraved deep within him, never to be forgotten. That guy...he had been a fiery person, passionate and hot headed, but still steady and calm, knowing what he was doing. A proud warrior. Everyone had told him their problems and he had always known what to say, what advice to give. He had been loved by everyone. At the very least, Shiranui did.

„You miss him.“

He didn’t turn to the person who was standing there, just a few feet behind him, isntead staring at the cold stone. Miss him? Of course he missed him. He missed the sparkling eyes and the deep laughter, he missed the body and the strong arms wrapped around him in a tight embrace. They had been lovers and now...
Now the strong arms that wrapped around him were different, the eyes that sparkled with life were different and the deep laughter he used to love som much belonged to someone else, as that person came to kneel next to him in front of the grave, paying his honors. Oh the irony, Shiranui had to think.

„Is this alright?“

He turned his head to look into gentle, golden eyes.

„He was Choushu. Your enemy.“

„There is no friend or foe before the face of death.“ Harada Sanosuke, former tenth unit captain of the Shinsengumi replied, gazing deep into crimson eyes, looking beyond everything, seeing, knowing...
Shiranui averted hi sgaze on the grave again.

„I guess you’re right.“

There was silence between them for a while, the calmess of the place enveloping them.

„You still can go back. Return. Return to them.“
„No. I can’t go back anymore. I’m too far gone now.“
„Really? I’m sure they miss you.“
„Yeah. I don’t belong there anymore. The dead don’t have a place among the living. Even if they are well alive.“
„I’m sorry.“
„Don’t be. You promised, remember? To be sorry for the last time when he died in your arms.“ With that he nodded to the cold stone in front of them. „You told me.“
„No. I used it as an excuse to turn you into a living corpse. I can’t call it ’saving’. You aren’t saved. For everyone you are dead.“

„For you I’m alive.“

They looked at each other again.

„It was you who needed me, so you pulled me away from death’s door. It might have been selfish, but it gave me a purpose. Besides, it’s not half as bad. I’m free.“

„But bound to me.“

„That’s just the price I have to pay for my freedom. And to say, it’s not even a bad price.“ Full lips carressed the dark skin and the dmon shivered, his head falling back onto broad shoulders. „It’s alright, Shiranui. It’s not your fault. Death is the most natural thing in the cycle of life.“
Shiranui’s gaze was still locked onto the cold stone as he suddenly spoke up, his voice coming in a whisper.

„The proud do not endure, they are like a dream on a spring night...“

Before he could say another word, Harada finished for him.

„The mighty fall at last, they are dust before the wind.“

They looked at each other, gazing deep, looking beyond and soon their lips were touching in a gentle kiss.

„Everything will once perish, no matter how much we cling to it, Shiranui. That’s why we have to enjoy it while it lasts.“ Harada murmured against his lips, parting. „I’m sure he never saw it as your fault. I don’t either. So don’t beat yourself up for it.“

Finally Shiranui nodded, sighing. „You’re really perceptive for a human. Pretty sharp too. It’s really annoying sometimes.“

He stood up.

„So, now that I have made up for a decade of neglected duties, how about we go and grab some dinner? I’m starving!“
Harada stood up as well, smirking. „I’m rather thirsty. I don’t think I could say no to a bottle of good sake.“
Shiranui grinned. „Really? I’m thirsty too, but rather for something else...“ he let his eyes wander up and down the strong body and licked his lips, his gaze hungry as he stared into golden eyes.
Harada shook his head. „Do you ever think about anything else?“

Arms sneaked around his waist and he was being lead away from the quiet place, back into the territory of life. Before they left completely, he raised his hand towards the cold stone, but never turning around.

„’Till then! We’ll come again.“

With that he laid his arm around strong shoulders and together they headed into the sunset.